CO-OP Financial Services,
on behalf of America's Credit Unions,
Is Ready to
Donate $100,000
to Children's
Miracle Network Hospitals.
Your Vote Will Make it Happen!
Greer, 6
Traumatic Brain Injury

The Credit Union Difference

Credit unions' not-for-profit status – and their central mission of serving members – makes them the most consumer-friendly financial institutions in the market. Credit unions return earnings to members through higher interest rates on savings, lower rates on loans, and lower and fewer fees.

Becoming a member is easy. Credit unions serve common fields of membership based on characteristics such as geographical area, employee group, or membership in an organization. Find the right credit union for you here.

While other financial institutions operate solely to make a profit, credit unions exist only to improve the financial well-being of their members. They also work tirelessly to support the communities in which they operate. Their tremendous support of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is just one example.

In true cooperative fashion, credit unions are controlled by their members, each of whom have a vote in electing their credit union's volunteer board of directors. Whether a member has $5 in savings, or $50,000, everyone has an equal voice.